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Nail art competition

More than 15 nominations and more than 100 participants from all European countries. Next competition will be 22 of november 2019.

Courses for judges

Training and certification of judges, issuance of international diplomas. Next courses will be 19-20 of november.

Judges association

Strong unification for communication and mutual assistance. Now more than 10 participants-judges from 10 countries.

Why is participation important for you?

Great experience.

Сustomer respect can be earned by good work of the master, but if master is growing and conquering new professional peaks! Master will have respect twice!

Great emotions.

Winning is always nice!

Great opportunities like JUDGE.

After our* competition and courses you have possibilities to became judge. (*possible to take part in courses for judges after other championships, you need to send us copies of diplomas )

Do you want to...

Take part in the competition?

Take part in course for the judges?

Our team. Organizers and judges

Participants in the last competition 2018
Expected Participants
Members of the association (judges)
Students judges

Nominations 2019

1.Poster Fashion (photo),
2.Poster Floristic (photo),
3.Poster Fantasy (photo),
4.Poster Avangard (photo),
5.Poster Manicure (photo),
6.Poster Pedicure (photo),
7.Poster short salon nails modeling (photo),
8.Poster One nail art in Focus (photo),
9.Poster Clean manicure (macro photo),
10.Poster Nails for magazine (photo),
11.Poster Business card (photo),
12.Poster 5 nails shapes (photo),
13.Poster Hand&Legs (photo),
14. Poster Business french (photo),
15.Poster Gel polish (photo),
16.Tip box One stroke,
17.Tip box Aerography,
18.Tip box 1 tip art(possible photo),
19.Tip box 5 tips art(possible photo),
20.Tip box Gel paint(possible photo),
21.Tip box Watercolor paint(possible photo),
22.Tip box 3d design(possible photo),
23.Tip box Painting art(possible photo),
24.Poster Long french nails (photo),
26.Decoration with crystals.

  • PayPall, bank transfer, Western Union.
Poster Fashion, Poster Floristic, Poster Fantasy, Poster Avangard
Tip Boxes all nominations
Decoration with crystals
Poster Manicure, Clean manicure(Macro)


Competition 2018

Salou, prov.Tarragona, Spain 2018 – first competition Nails League. 

More than:

  • 100 participants and certificates,
  • 10 countries,
  •  70 cups,
  • 12 judges…

Nice to win with us!

Results 2019

About Judges course